A Farmer's Market Find

Look for the "Ask the Dietitian" booth the next time you visit your local farmer's market.

            September is here, and that means apples are in season.  If you’re heading to a farmer’s market to pick up your favorite variety, make sure to stop by the “Ask the Dietitian” booth.  There, you will be handed a delicious sample of Cherry, Apple, and Walnut Salad.

            Never heard of the “Ask the Dietitian” program?  This program was established by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.  According to the Department of Public Health's website, a salad recipe utilizing farmer's market fruits and vegetables is prepared each month from March through November.  Free samples of this salad, recipe cards, and educational flyers about nutrition and health are passed out by booth volunteers.  Additionally, educational materials, such as a cup filled with the amount of sugar in one bottle of soda and a test tube with the amount of fat in one tuna sub sandwich, are on display. It is hoped that such materials will inform the public about the amount of certain ingredients in common food items.

            Check the Department of Public Health’s website to find out when the “Ask the Dietitian” booth will be set up at your local farmer’s market.  When you visit this booth, you will definitely learn a lot about how your eating habits impact your health.  By sampling the salad, you will also discover a tasty new way to enjoy your apples!


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