Weight Management

Top 3 reasons why people don’t lose weight and keep it off for greater than 5 years:

  • Lack of “truthful” knowledge.Does your nutrition/diet knowledge come from the mainstream media?  Advertisers who want you to buy stuff?
  • Emotional eating.We all do it at some level – to numb sadness, anger, overwhelm, boredom, fear.  Are you eating out of hunger or emotion?
  • Diet Deprivation Backlash.Our diet causes us to label foods “good” or “bad.”  The “bad” list grows to include everything with taste.  Eventually we cave-in, eat something off the “bad” list, feel guilty and emotionally eat.  Then we go back on the diet and the vicious cycle continues.

Are you struggling with your weight and no one believes you that you are truly not overeating?