Un-Dieting: Lose the Diets...Lose the Weight!
By RD, Diana Lipson-Burge, Jackie Jaye-Brandt

Reviews for Diana's book Un-Dieting:

My Greatest Help… “For years I had been trying to figure out why I could not seem to be successful in my weight loss efforts. I seemed to be always "shooting myself in the foot". From the very beginning of "Un-Dieting", it became very clear that these two women had shared some of my own problems and questions. I have never read a book that addressed my needs as this book did. It may be a small book but it is very powerful. It got my thinking straightened out and I now know that by keeping it near me and re-reading it I will finally achieve my goal and get my weight under control. It is an answer to a prayer. I cannot recommend it too highly. I think it will prove to be a welcome aid for a lot of people.” 5 stars, Amazon, December 21, 2000

Stop Eating Your Emotions and Start Losing Weight…“This book is fantastic. It espouses a philosophy about living life to its fullest. Jackie's book helped me realize that Anger, Jealousy, and all negative emotions can make you fat. Who could have guessed that emotions have calories? So, I stopped eating my emotions.  Thanks to her book I saw the reason that I kept getting fat and why NO DIET ever seemed to help me in the long term. Thanks to the wonderful insights in her book, I have lost 45 pounds and am halfway towards my goal of 100 pounds. Thank you, Jackie.”  -- 5 stars, Amazon, July 18, 2001

Refreshing…“I am a fitness professional and I always end up disgusted and disappointed when I get asked to look at yet another dieting book. This book contains 1) solid information in regards to eating and calories; 2) an enlightened approach to viewing yourself! What a pleasure to read. Thank you Jackie and Diane!”  -- 5 stars, Amazon, January 31, 2006

One of the best books on the market!!!!... I have read quite of few books on this subject. This book not only covers they how and why but offers real tools for dealing with this issue, which I have never seen. This books has changed my life and has helped in a lot of other areas I was not accepting. I better understand why I ate my feelings and all the things that were really eating at me. I strongly recommend reading this book and doing the exercises she recommends. I am confident that I will never regain my weight again without ever having to diet again! I can enjoy eating. Thanks Jackie and Diana, you have changed my life by writing this book!”  -- 5 stars, Amazon, November 17, 2006

My life has changed…“For anyone who has been burned out by the endless diet-binge cycle and self hatred and torment...this book is for you! Diets don't work, they only make us hate ourselves. Dr. Lipson-Burge is truly inspiring. If you live in So. Cal, I would see her directly...”5 stars, Barnes & Noble, May 2, 2002

The key to dieting freedom…“If you're that person that has tried one or more diets and found that you still haven't achieved and maintained the body you're looking for, READ THIS BOOK! Or, if you're that person that uses food as an emotional outlet, READ THIS BOOK! I'm not a big reader, but I breezed through this book as if every page was talking to me. I have so much insight as to why I unconciously eat excessively during those down times and why other diets were only a temporary fix. This book helps you realize that you have to solve the cause of overeating and then the rest will fall into place. Thank you, Jackie for your intelligence, compassion and humor as I anxiously looked forward to my visits with this much-needed informational piece of literature.”5 stars, Barnes & Noble, September 25, 2002