Cardiovascular Disease

Heart attack and stroke are two of the leading causes of death, yet there is a lot of confusion about the role of diet/nutrition, and what should be done to minimize risk.

  • How does dietary cholesterol and fat differ in affecting the lipid (fat) levels in my bloodstream?
  • I have cut all the fat out of my diet, why is my cholesterol and triglycerides still so high?
  • What exercise program is best to reduce my blood lipid (fat) levels?
  • Is weight lifting or cardiovascular exercise better to reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides and raise my HDL?
  • What foods and nutritional supplements are best for my heart?
  • What is all the hype about omega 3 fatty acids and heart disease?  Should I get it from flax seed or fish oil?
  • What omega 3 supplement is best since I need to watch the mercury levels?
  • How does missing meals and overeating affect my cholesterol and triglycerides?
  • Why did my doctor tell me to limit my carbohydrate intake if cholesterol is fat in my blood stream?
  • At what point do I give up on trying to change my diet and turn to medication to lower cholesterol/triglycerides?