Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have a lot more to do with control than with food.

  • Do you feel fine one day, fat the next, despite knowing you can’t even gain 1 pound of fat in a day?
  • Are you scared to eat a 100-calorie cookie, despite knowing it takes 3,500 calories to form 1 pound of fat?
  • Have the foods you will eat diminished down to 4-5 main foods?
  • Are you feeling tired, cold and anxious all the time?
  • Are you constantly comparing your body to others you are with?
  • Do you want to feel “special” about something in your life and your thinness is how you are doing that?
  • Is your eating the only thing you feel you can truly control in your life?
  • Is this the main way you can get attention from your friends and parents?